The costs of caring for patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) account for 7.5% of Medicare spending. The federal government will spend over $35 billion treating ESRD in 2015, while other payers will spend another $15 billion, for a combined $50 billion. Rejuvenate Healthcare, LLC's vision is to reduce the cost of ESRD management by more than 10% via patent-pending methods that lead to 100% of eligible patients receiving a kidney transplant. Rejuvenate Healthcare, LLC was founded by award-winning team members who have played pioneering roles in the arena of healthcare transplantation. We are dedicated and committed to improving the lives of this chronically ill population.


As recognition for parts of this work, the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to one of our founders, Alvin Roth, PhD, in part for his work in developing an algorithm for matching donors.